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Welcome all to Discover Sasquatch! My name is Chris Reinhardt and I am the creator of Discover Sasquatch. It is my hope that Discover Sasquatch will help express awareness of this creature as it combines my two passions; Squatchography and Discover Sasquatch Investigations.  I’m an avid outdoor photographer that loves the woods and consequently as my outdoor adventures grew it resulted in the formation of Squatchography. Accordingly, a photograph of this elusive creature would be a prized possession!  However, above all my goal is to spread awareness and help prove the existence of Sasquatch or at least provide the most compelling evidence.

The Journey

Like everyone else I started as a rookie researcher. Back in the day, I didn’t realize that people actually went into the New England woods looking for the Sasquatch. After being introduced to YouTube I became very intrigued.  Armed with only my cell phone and notepad, nonetheless I got into the woods in search of Sasquatch.  Subsequently, it was then that I formed Berkshire Mountain Sasquatch and I’m really glad I did!   Since then I’ve had nighttime sightings on Flir, daytime sightings with my naked eye and many physical interactions.

Be Aware!

Most importantly I cannot express enough; you all need to be fully aware while venturing into their habitat!  Such creatures really do walk the forests and quite possibly right next to you! I can explicitly attest to this, as I have personally had interactions in 6 different states! I could never imagined in a million years what all of this would develop into. Nevertheless, here I am seven years later and unquestionably because of Sasquatch it’s grown into a YouTube channel, website, podcast and an investigation team. We have come a long way in a short time and have plenty to share with you.

I’ve heard that if you’ve never seen a Bigfoot and then start looking for them, you have a zero chance of finding one. I guess I’m luckier than most and proved them wrong… and it continues to this day!  So throw on your boots and  “Get In The Woods People”.

Trackway in Connecticut