Real American Monsters

They lurk in the shadows of our wildest landscapes, whispered about in campfire tales and local legends. From the towering Sasquatch of the Pacific Northwest to the bloodhungry Dogman of the South, America is teeming with unreal
creatures. Real American Monsters is your team of intrepid monster hunters. We travel the backroads and forgotten corners of this vast country, investigating eyewitness accounts, chasing elusive footprints, and utilizing the latest scientific tech to uncover the truth behind America’s most enduring monster myths. Join us as we brave the unknown, separate fact from fiction, and finally reveal what lurks in the heart of Real American Monsters. Tune in for:

• Exclusive investigations: We follow the trail of legendary creatures, interviewing eyewitnesses, analyzing evidence, and employing innovative techniques to separate myth from monster.
• The science behind the search: We don’t just chase shadows. Our team of cryptozoologists, biologists, and folklorists analyze data and utilize cutting-edge technology to shed light on the unexplained.
• The thrill of the hunt: Experience the suspense as we venture into the wild, following leads and searching for undeniable proof of America’s hauntings and hidden creatures.

Is there something out there?
Join Real American Monsters for episode 1, “Lured;’ coming soon.

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