I should point out that Discover Sasquatch is the hub joining Discover Sasquatch Investigations (research & discovery) and Squatchography (photography). Here at DSI, we always follow the same routine when we approach an area. We have had great success using this technique. When we enter a new space we look for signs that Sasquatch are present in the area and begin logging our discoveries.  We feel they love for you to admire their structures, glyphs and various creations as well as love our predictable repetition so they have no surprises, which is why we go on patterned hikes.  After setting up an area, we just let them do their thing making sure we stay on our routine hike each time.

We have three research areas that we use this method in Connecticut and enjoy various degrees of success at each. Be sure to go to our YouTube channel, Discover Sasquatch to see our results. 

Here at DSI we believe it will take more than a single group of researchers to get the answers and love teaming up with other groups. We are always looking at new ideas and had some pretty interesting data when teaming up with a group from Florida, The Trail to Bigfoot (Chris Conner). We have obtained conclusive evidence that something physical was present by experiencing rock throws as our tri field meter was turned to Radio Frequency. We also received alarming readings in the middle of the Green Swamp. Then also happened in Connecticut on top of mountain; same scenario as Florida. We will continue this technique in upcoming expeditions.